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The Marine Research Grant (MARG) Programme seeks to enhance capacity to conduct research and increase our understanding on various aspects of marine sciences and offer opportunities for the presentation of results of the research work in different regional and international fora.

Support offered
The Marine Research Grant programme covers all subject areas of marine science and technology. However, preference is given to research in those areas that are designated as being high priority within the development plans of the WIO member states.

Three types of grants are awarded:

MARG-I: Awarded to individual scientists to carry out well-defined research activities in their countries/institutions. The initial duration (term) of MARG-I is 1 year, renewable for a maximum of one term. The maximum amount offered is US$ 6,000 per year.

MARG-II: Awarded to individual scientists for the purpose of sharing or gaining technical experience as well as data processing and manuscript writeup within theWIO region and, where necessary, outside the region. The duration of MARG-II is 3 months, and the maximum offered is US$ 6,000.

MARG-III: Travel support to individual researchers to attend scientific meetings and conferences, giving them opportunity to present their work and learn from others. The maximum offered is US$ 3,000.

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