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Please read the instructions carefully before completing this form.

Applicants are requested to fill in the following form. The information requested should be typed or entered into the required fields below and where additional information is required, a separate attachment will need to be uploaded to this application. You will be notified by email on successful completion of the submission.

For any information contact:
The Executive Secretary.
Email: secretary@wiomsa.org

Please make sure you have the following before proceeding:

  • (A) Biodata (Personal Details).
  • (B) Employment Record.
  • (C) Details on your Educational Qualification/s.
  • (D) Details on the type of Meeting/Conference for which support is being requested, including organizers’ details.
  • (E) History of attendance to Meetings/Conferences
  • (F) Justification for attendance
  • (G) Summary of Proposed Budget.
  • (H) Supporting Statement of Head of Institution
  • (PART II) Supporting Documents
  • (PART II i) Detailed Curriculum Vitae, to be attached.
  • (PART II ii) Confirmation of Abstract Acceptance – Letter of acceptance of your abstract from the organizers.